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“Henry started at Cheryl’s when he was 3 and a half months old.  It was hard for me to leave him somewhere so young, but Cheryl and Jan made it as easy as it could be.  He’s now 13 months old and thriving.  He loves it there, he’s very mobile, starting to communicate well and is just a happy guy.
The biggest thing to me about leaving my children with someone is communication.  I need to believe that they’re listening to me and also that they’re telling me everything important about what’s going on with my child while we’re apart. Cheryl and her team have been amazing when it comes to communication.  When Henry started I typed up a ridiculous page long outline of his schedule for them and instead of looking at me like I was crazy, they taped it to the refrigerator and followed it.  If something didn’t seem to be working, they would always let me know and Cheryl is great with advice or recommendations if you ask, but they really listen to you as a parent and trust that you know your child best.  Henry has formed relationships with everyone there, adults and kids.  Cheryl communicates with Henry better than we do these days and she was the first to tell me he was using words, long before I fully realized it for myself.  Every day there’s a full, written report of what he’s eaten, his diapers, his sleep and then they also give me great anecdotes about what he’s doing, how he’s growing and changing which I really appreciate.  I also really love how they accommodate each child’s individual nap schedule and the healthy food Cheryl works hard to provide.”

- Jeanne, 2012

“My daughter started at Edmonds Daycare right after she turned one year old.  That was over 2 years ago and we are all very happy.  My daughter loves going “to school” and my husband & I are confident that she is well cared for.  We are constantly pleased and amazed at what she is learning–everything from washing hands before eating, to singing nursery rhymes, to how to share with others.
Edmonds Daycare is a special place, one which truly cares for the children’s development as well as makes the kids feel loved.  Our house is full of all the “projects” that we bring home, from season decorations, to finger-painted master pieces to early attempts at writing letters.   I whole-heartedly recommend Edmonds Daycare and have told Cheryl that any perspective parent may call me for additional details.   There are a lot of childcare facilities out there and I feel like we have our child in a great one.”

Amy - Mom of 4

“I couldn’t be happier than I am with Edmonds Daycare. My now one year old has been there almost six months and leaving him when I go to work is a totally different experience than when I had to leave his older brother when he was that age. Cheryl (owner) is always so happy to see my guy–he reaches his arms out to her and she holds him and talks to him about the day ahead while she makes me coffee and a smoothie to go! His day is full of playing and learning, and she always tells me and even writes down what they did, what he ate, when he slept. She is patient and energetic and thoughtful. She delights in his accomplishments just as if she were his real grandmother. Of course I trust her completely, and most important is that she obviously loves kids, and is great with them. The proof in the pudding is her fabulous (grown) niece Adrienne, who works for her right now. They have such a cool relationship–obviously enjoy and respect each other, and Adrienne is a natural with kids. My son loves her…breaks into a huge smile whenever she walks in the room. Of course it’s hard to be away from my little one, but this is the absolute next best thing to taking care of him myself. When I leave him each morning I know that he will be held and nurtured and played with and talked to and sung to and loved. I just can’t say enough good things about Cheryl, Adrienne, and Edmonds Daycare.”

Megan - Mother of 2 boys

“I am a new Mom of a 9 month old son who has been at Edmonds Daycare for 5.5 months now. I have had nothing but the BEST experience with them. Finding a daycare was seeming to become a nightmare, until I found them. . . . It felt like I had won the lotto!! Cheryl made the transition from maternity leave back to work very stress free and comforting. My son loves to see them each morning-Big Smiles!! The daycare is very spacious and interactive. There is a constant learning and growing theme; I call it FunLand! The babies/children get all the attention and encouragement they need to thrive. My son comes home each week doing new things-even sign language!! Every day, I get to take home a sheet telling me what he did every hour of the day so that I can keep current with his habits along with any changes. Cheryl is AMAZING about communicating with me about my son. I feel like I am leaving him at a home away from home when I go to work, which is very important in order to have a good day, then come home happy to my family. I would recommend Edmonds Daycare to anyone I care about or who just needs childcare.”


“My 3 year old child has been with Edmonds Day Care for six months. Cheryl has been accommodating with reinforcing what we are doing at home. Our daughter has a confident attitude about her day and usually has comments, snacks or artwork to bring home. You can tell that the children feel empowered to do what they like at the day care. I can see my tuition money going back into the day care with improvements to the children’s spaces and the quality of work my daughter brings home. I would recommend Edmonds Day Care.”

Corrina - Mother of recent graduate

“My kids love to come to Grandma Cheryl’s daycare, they think of it as a great place to play and have fun. It is always hard to get them to leave when it is time to go. I wish everyone had the great opportunity to have such a wonderful, caring, and special daycare/preschool in their neighborhood. This is how you imagine your child’s daycare should be, full of fun; learning and lots of different activities, all taught by people who really love taking care; shaping young minds. This is not just a business or something that Cheryl is forced to do, this is what she really wants; loves to do, and you see that every day when you are there. In fact, they go out of their way to make my day better as a parent. I always feel like my kids are safe and I am so lucky to have this place for my kids to go. I highly recommend calling Cheryl for an interview to see her home daycare, you will be very surprised how professional it is (unlike some home daycare’s I’ve visited) and you won’t be disappointed you did! Don’t leave your kids to some just so-so daycare, take them where they will really have a good time learning and where you get lots of feedback on how they are doing on a daily basis.”

Melissa - Mother of 2 boys

“I would recommend this daycare to anyone! They have so much stuff for kids to do that my kids learn without even knowing it. Cheryl is great and my kids love going.”

Doug - Father of 2

“Both Cheryl and Adrienne, the primary workers at this center, are amazing with children. Cheryl has always been a very compassionate, kind, and nurturing provider. My four and a half year old son is incredibly comfortable around her, and I feel very fortunate to have someone I trust to care for my child. Adrienne is just as amazing with kids. Her inner child makes a great playmate for any age child! She couples youthful exuberance with mature and practical experience to really engage children in creative play and learning. I would highly recommend Edmonds Daycare for any parent or caregiver looking for a safe, warm, educational experience for their child/ren.”

Morgan - Mother of one boy

“The atmosphere is warm, nurturing, and full of love.”