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December 2014 Always say goodbye

Take time before you leave them to say something like; “goodbye, see you in a few hours, I will miss you but we will be together again after I finish working with the team that counts on me, help your team of friends too, I love you, have a great day, we will go the the grocery store when I pick you up, you
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Going to Grandma’s

When Grandma, or someone in a home other than yours, is going to watch your child, try to ease the transition by doing three little things that will be big things to you child. Show your child around the house to the places they will be allowed to go.  Telling them about everything you can think of.  With older children, 2 and up- the
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February 2014: Parent Tip

February 2012  Expectations mold the adult that your child is becoming.  How you speak to them is powerful.  Your child is a unique individual that will need to be confidant in their ability to think and understand.  Speak to you children as if they can and they will soon demonstrate that they do.